If you have been diagnosed with diabetes you might be wondering if you can still drink alcohol or not. Some diabetics do drink alcohol in moderation and have no problems, while others suffer for it? Why can some drink alcoholic beverage while other diabetics can’t even have one drink?

There are some who will see increased blood pressure when they drink alcohol while others will just see their general condition get worse. Others might see their triglycerides rise. These things are more likely to happen if you are diabetic and drink alcohol if you have conditions such as high blood pressure or a pre-existing high level of triglycerides. If you have a diabetic eye disease or have experience nerve damage in the arms or legs as a result of your diabetes, alcohol will make those conditions worse.

You should also be wary about drinking alcohol if you take either diabetes pill or insulin shots to moderate your blood sugar levels because it increase your chance of having low blood sugar. Usually, your body will compensate for low blood sugar level when the liver uses stored carbohydrates to produce glucose. Alcohol prevents the liver from producing glucose though because your liver is busy trying to get rid of the alcohol. If you are going to have a drink or two, you should have a good meal or a snack before hand and you should have a snack before you go to sleep to prevent a low blood sugar reaction while you are sleeping.

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