Fruit Leather

fruit leather


Choose your fruit. Remove seeds, pits, stems etc. then chop.
Taste a small amount to see how sweet it is. If it’s too sour/tart add a bit of sweetener to it as well.
For every 2 cups of fruit, add 1/4 c. water
Cook until fruit is soft and mushy (10-15 mins). Mash with potato masher into a good puree.
Continue simmering until puree is thick.


Place a sheet of plastic wrap or parchament paper (not wax paper as it will stick) in the bottom of a cookie sheet.
Smooth a thin layer of pureed fruit with the edge of a plastic spatula.
Place in the oven to dry at the lowest heat, about 120F, for about 2 hours, or until dry, then remove and cool.
Peel off and roll in plastic wrap.
For variety, sprinkle with finely chopped walnuts before drying.

Rich and Satisfying Cream Cheese Dessert

cream cheese and fruit


1 Tub (12 oz) light cream cheese product (room temperature)
1 (1.4 oz) box sugar-free vanilla instant pudding
3 Cups skim milk
1 can (20 oz) Sugar Free Fruit Preserve


In small mixing bowl, combine pudding mix and milk.
Beat on low speed to mix ingredients.

Add cream cheese.
Increase speed and beat until smooth and thickened.

Add half the can of preserves and stir with spoon just until blended.

Pour into individual or large serving dish.

Top with remaining fruit preserve and refrigerate.